Just 15 Minutes a Day to Becoming a Blogging Genius

Just 15 Minutes a Day to Becoming a Blogging Genius http://ping.fm/Bm15U
•Research the popular blogging platforms (tumblr, Blogger, Squarespace, Typepad and WordPress) to see what works best for you. If you know you’re only going to post via video, you might want to start your own YouTube or Vimeo channel instead!
•Open up a new Word doc and write a new post daily, even if nobody sees it. Once you have a few posts written, you might start to see a theme develop, or a name pop out at you. You can always copy & paste it into your blog later if you’re stuck on a name or deciding which platform to use!
•Choose a name for your blog by writing down the themes/title ideas you’ll wanna post about and start brainstorming from there.
•Open up an account on the blogging platform of your choice!
•Write down all the post ideas you have in your head and keep ’em someplace safe. Then, pick the one that seems the most fun/easiest to start with!
•Repeat the mantra, “Nobody will see this unless I send them to it.” Blogging is so saturated right now that I promise your blog will be private – even if you don’t set it as such – until you start telling people about it!
•Record an About Me video or write an About Me post. If you’re having trouble, answer the question, “What would I want a new friend to know about me?”
•Write a post and hit “publish.” Celebrate!

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